Traffic accidents in Hanoi outskirts increase
  • | VNS | June 11, 2014 12:00 PM

The number of traffic accidents in Hanoi's suburbs has risen dramatically recently due to general disregard for traffic laws, according to police.

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Latest figures from the Hanoi Police Department's Road and Railway Traffic Police Division showed that 184 traffic accidents occurred in the city last month, killing 55 people and leaving 163 injured.

More than 100 of those occurred in the capital's suburbs, resulting in 44 deaths.

Accident hot spots included the districts of Thuong Tin, Phu Xuyen, Ung Hoa, Chuong My, Phuc Tho and Ba Vi.

Violations included driving without helmets, driving in the wrong lane and drink driving. Low public awareness of traffic laws, loose control and a lack of traffic signals also contributed to the problem.

Police said that public awareness, especially among young people, was the problem.

They cited a stretch on National Highway No1A in Thuong Tin District where many young people gathered at night, driving carelessly or racing illegally without wearing helmets.

When local traffic police tried to stop them, they sped away.

Lieutenant Colonel Pham Van Hau, deputy head of the division, said only last month, police seized 2,018 vehicles, and 2,486 drivers had their licences revoked.

To reduce the number of violations and accidents, Hau said the police would organise patrols around accident hot spots, and deploy more teams to crack down on violators between 6pm and midnight.

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