Parking remains tough problem for authorities
  • | tienphong, | July 07, 2014 11:49 AM

Even though Hanoi municipal authorities decided to reopen parking services in the city's centre, this problem is still a headache for Vietnam's infrastructure.

 A parking lot on Ly Thuong Kiet street

In 2012, Hanoi authorities closed a large number of parking lots throughout the city and applied a parking ban on 262 streets in the city's centre. This move was aimed to reduce the number of private vehicles and congestion in Hanoi. However, several experts said the ban is no longer effective in the current situation.

A representative from the Hanoi Transportation Association said, "It's extremely difficult for people to find a parking lot when they want to go somewhere in the city centre." He went on to say that even after the ban took effect, many people still parked their vehicles on the streets or on the pavement. In addition, according to Resolution 100 issued last year, 50% of the streets are qualified to have a parking lots.

Nguyen Hoang Linh, deputy head of the Department of Transport, said the Hanoi People's Committee showed no sign of lifting the ban completely, however the resolution was issued by the government, so they would have to follow it. "Parking lots have been opened on Tran Hung Dao and Ly Thuong Kiet streets. We'll open more lots across the city, even on the banned 262 streets," he said.

On July 1, Hanoi Parking Company was given permission to open up to twelve parking lots for cars on the two streets. The reopening of parking services has helped to reassure drivers of their cars' safety. However, many motorbikes and even four-wheel vehicles still park randomly on the pavement, especially near hospitals or schools. Pham Van Duc, Deputy Director of Hanoi Parking Company, said they were only allowed to manage the parking lots on these streets, communal authorities still manage the pavements.

The chairman of Tran Hung Dao Ward said they had to strictly punish people who park messily on the streets and pavement to make the new resolution effective. Moreover, they have to find a way to prevent companies and individuals from collecting exorbitant parking fees.

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