Water shortages hit Hanoi
  • By Nguyen Duong | | October 01, 2014 03:10 PM

Many Hanoi residents are facing water shortages for the past 20 days, making daily life very difficult.

Hundreds of households in Mo Lao Ward, Ha Dong District have been going to extremes to collect and store clean water. Some families stay up all night waiting for water to become available. When it is, they quickly turn on their pumps and try to fill their tanks. But the supply is intermittent and unpredictable, so there usually is not enough.


A man asking neighbours for water 

The wells, which were closed long ago, are now open again. Meanwhile, other families have resorted to going to relatives' or acquaintances' houses for bathing or washing.


Water storage 


Staying up to wait for water 

Dao Thi Suu, head of residential cluster no.12, said since last year the water supply would dry up about once a month and water shortages could last for a week. This is the most serious shortage in a long time, however, lasting for nearly 20 days. "We don't know what caused this, and haven't received any notices or warnings from the supplier," she said.

Cuc, another resident, said, "I know the water from the wells is not really healthy, but we have to use it. Still if this continues, the wells wouldn't be able to supply all our needs."


Buying bottled waters as a stop-gap 

Oanh, who lives in the same cloister, has just spent over VND500,000 (USD24) on bottled water. "I've just bought 10 bottles of water. If this goes on, I'll go bankrupt."

Locals say their water comes from Da River Water Plant, owned by Vinaconex Water Supply Company. However, their direct supplier is Thong Nhat Cooperative, based in Tu Liem District. They tried to contact the organisation to report the case but have not received any reply.

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