4,000-year-old bones discovered in Ha Tinh
  • By Ha Phuong | | December 04, 2014 08:06 PM

Archaeologists have uncovered stone implements, pottery and human and animal bones and teeth, including rhinoceros feet, dating back four millennia in the central province of Ha Tinh, in a find hailed as giving new insights into Vietnam's post-stone-age culture.


Thach Lac archaeological site

The team from Ha Tinh Museum undertook the dig from November 21 to December 1 and found, at a depth of two metres, an archaeological trove that included a human skeleton dated as being 4,000 years old. The bones showed signs of having been burned.


Rhino teeth and feet bones

Archaeologists have been excavating the Thach Lac site for many years and have recovered numerous items, including a stone axe, ceramic jewellery, and animal bones. In 2004, they found an ancient tomb.

Nguyen Tri Son, head of Ha Tinh Museum, said excavation would continue. "I'm sure more items will be found, and they will tell us more about our post-stone age," he said.

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