Hanoi people driven outdoors by hot weather
  • |, nld | July 03, 2015 05:06 PM
 >>  Heavy rains to cool northern region tomorrow
 >>  Cafe owners lose as customers take refuge from heat

High temperatures of recent nights in Hanoi have driven people outdoors in search of cooler evening air.


And cafes, shopping malls and supermarkets are getting more traffic as people seek refuge from the 40C+ temperatures.

At nights, bridges, including Long Bien, Thang Long and Nhat Tan, have become popular places for people to find cooler air.

Nguyen Van Hoach, 58, from Hang Khoai Street, said he takes his grandson to Long Bien Brigde for an evening walk to cool down. "I cannot sleep early at my home these days because it's too hot and we don't have an air-conditioner," he said.

The National Centre of Meteorology said the heat wave will end on July 5.

Some photos taken at Long Bien Street on July 1 evening:

People gather on Long Bien Bridge at night

Many people eating outdoors

Bridge a meeting place for lovers


Bridge crowded at 11pm

Some sleep out because homes are too hot  

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