Hanoi struggles to clear super tiny houses
  • | vov, | October 14, 2015 04:07 PM

While the local authorities are trying to deal with hundreds of extremely small and thin houses that could be structurally unsound or too small for people to live in, 442 such houses have appeared on newly-completed roads.


Super thin houses on the extended Nguyen Van Huyen Street

Before the government issued Resolution 39 which required minimum space of 40 square metres for construction in 2005, Hanoi had 192 super-tiny houses. 442 more under-sized houses have been added to the city since then. Many of those houses are smaller than 15 square metres or have odd shapes.

Nguyen Minh Chien, a resident on Thanh Nhan Street, said people built tiny houses while new roads were being built. "Those houses make the new roads look sloppy somehow. Those houses are so small yet they still have two or three floors. It feels like they could collapse anytime."

According to Nguyen Vinh Quang, head of the inspection team in Hai Ba Trung District, when clearing grounds for construction, the authorities only buy the amount of land they need so people still build on the remaining small land lots.

"They should buy the whole land lots, not leave bits and pieces behind," Quang said.

Inspections have been carried out and 244 cases resolved. They also urged local authorities to be more strict and quickly deal with the rest.

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