Out-dated vehicles plague Vietnam's roads
  • | nld, | December 11, 2015 02:50 PM

The Vietnamese authorities are struggling to deal with hundreds of out-dated cars and trucks that are still running on the streets.


An old truck crashed and fell down a cliff

According to vehicle registration authority, the Vietnam Register, except for some special cases, lorries can be used for around 25 years, while cars have a 20-year lifespan. Other vehicles modified to carry passengers can operate for around 17 years.

Tran Ky Hinh, head of Vietnam Register said last year, Vietnam had 118,650 reported out-of-date cars, with another 140,000 more out of date by the end of 2015. According to Hinh, hundreds of these vehicles are still being used, especially in remote areas, and this may pose dangers to the traffic. These cars and trucks are often used when carrying heavy loads or running late at night can experience engine failures.

On July 23, a 26 year-old truck transporting wood on a steep road in Quang Nam Province suddenly crashed into the barrier and fell down a cliff.

Lieutenant Colonel Trinh Cao Cuong, head of the registration office for road vehicles in Thanh Hoa Province said 3,055 vehicles would be out of date this year so they had informed all localities to check and manage the vehicles.

"We also discovered 181 out-dated vehicles that were still being used. The owners were fined and asked to destroy the vehicles immediately," he said.

Nguyen Huu Tri, deputy head of Vietnam Register, said chairman of the National Traffic Safety Committee had proposed to let traffic police inspect and seize all out-dated vehicles participating in the traffic. Moreover, local authorities, communal chairmen and police departments must also take responsibility, he said.

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