Dismissed official proclaims innocence over quality control fraud
  • | | July 22, 2016 09:50 AM

An official at the Vietnam Directorate of Fisheries has denounced the directorate and claimed he is innocent after he was sacked for his involvement in a case where 800 fake quality certifications were issued for various products.

The directorate dismissed Bui Quy Duc, former director of Quality Assurance and Testing Centre 3 and expelled him from the Communist Party and sacked vice head of administrative office at Vietnam Directorate of Fisheries Le Tuan Anh, he is also expelled from the Communist Party. Five other officials at Quality Assurance and Testing Centre 3 were also fired and one was given warning. All papers, that were illegally issued, were recalled. The directorate asked local authorities to quickly review and deal with the illegally certificated products.

After the punishments were announced, Le Tuan Anh filed a complaint and said the punishments were too heavy, lacked legal grounds and had been rushed. He claimed the process and result violated procedures in accordance with Decree 34 which outlines sanctions for state officials.

According to Anh, his job was only stamping the papers after they had been approved by the director, leaders of sub units, other offices and departments. He was not responsible for the content. He said his co-workers faked the papers and tricked him into stamping them.

"I can confirm that I haven't done anything wrong in stamping those papers," he said. "I realised that I was taken advantage of by my co-workers who exploited loopholes in our system. I have no motive nor connection to any of the wrongdoings. My faults lie in lax management."

He went on to say that the inspectorate of the Vietnam Directorate of Fisheries was unable to provide evidence that he was involved in any wrongdoings.

"Why the Directorate of Fisheries hasn't transferred this case to other agencies for further investigation and prosecution? I suspect that the directorate is covering up for individuals," he said.

According to regulations, before distributed, aqua products and products for treating and improving environment in aquaculture must be inspected and given certificates by the Quality Assurance and Testing Centre 3. However, it was discovered that firms could just pay VND5m immediately for the approval of one product since 2013.

The centre's former director Bui Duc Quy and seven other employees faked the papers and issued certificates for paid products even though they of low quality. This process continued through 2014 at the centre even when Quy was transferred to the Aquaculture Department.

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