Ba Vi yet to deal with illegal constructions
  • By Quang Phong | | August 13, 2016 10:13 AM
 >>  Ba Vi's hills blighted by illegal constructions

Chairman of Ba Vi District Bach Cong Tien talked with DTiNews on August 12 about the 50 illegally-constructed houses in the centre of Ba Vi National Park.


Chairman of Ba Vi District Bach Cong Tien

It has been five months since the cases were exposed and an investigation started to clarify the individual responsibilities of the officials that let the illegal constructions happen. Why haven't we had results yet?

It's the problem of the city authorities. But from what I know, the decision to investigate was signed but it has to be reported to the city party committee for final agreement and how to deal with the consequences. The investors in these constructions had no licence and were involved in illegal real estate trading.

Will 50 illegally-built houses be demolished?

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment will decide, we'll follow directives from higher-ups.

Ba Vi District has become a hot spot for illegal constructions. Have you dealt with responsible individuals in your office?

We'll have the conclusion later from the city party committee. But we already know where it went wrong and the officials responsible. We gave full information to the investigation team.

We asked communal authorities to tighten management. We also set up inspection teams to review violations. We'll deal with officials from the Office of Natural Resources and Environment and former and current communal chairmen that let violations occur in their areas.


50 houses built illegally in Ba Vi National Park

How many violations have you been able to find?

About 5,000 cases. Some cases happened decades ago and sometimes it's because local people encroached upon public lands to build houses, not because of tourism or entertainment projects. We’re still classifying the cases.

As Ba Vi's chairman, what is your responsibility in all this?

Most of the cases happened before I took over the position. I've not let any serious cases happen during my term. As the district head, I have to give clear directives, from the vice chairman to the heads of offices, and determine individual responsibilities.

Will the former chairmen be punished?

There are some periods that our legal frameworks weren't good and tight enough, the guidance was not clear and some cases weren't completely dealt with. From the administrative perspective, we can assign specific responsibilities but many former chairmen have retired from this line of work or died.

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