Shop owners abandon identical signboards
  • | | December 18, 2016 02:15 PM
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Many shops on Hanoi’s Le Trong Tan Street have abandoned local authority dictated signage to improve businesses.

Le Trong Tan Street, was planned some 30 years ago and took 13 years to build. It was eagerly anticipated as supposedly portraying the future of urban living in the capital. But in May, many shop owners spoke out against a decision by the local authorities to force all the shops to have the same red or blue shop signs.

The identical signs make it difficult for customers to recognise any specific brand.

A representative of Hanoi People's Committee on May 12 said businesses that already had their own brands and logos only needed to follow the rules on the size of the sign boards.

The owner of the Anh Duc Hair Salon on Le Trong Tan Street said, "We already registered our brand and logos so we can use our own signboard. It's easier for business and for customers."

Another shop owner said they were forced to replace the sign because of low quality. The old signboard was at risk of being completely ruined after one rainstorm. They had no choice but to shell out VND4m (USD176) to redesign the sign and install lighting so it could be seen at night.

Most owners supported the idea to of uniform measurements for the signage, but wanted the local authorities to allow them to choose the colours and fonts to create their own brands. Another solution suggested business could install vertical signboards.


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