Craft villages still face many challenges
  • | danviet, | March 04, 2017 01:34 PM
Even though traditional craft villages in Hanoi created some 800,000 jobs last year, they still need to deal with various problems including weak infrastructure and pollution.


Phu Vinh Village is famous for bamboo and rattan works (photo: Lao Dong News)

Statistics from the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade show that the traditional craft villages had created nearly 800,000 jobs last year.

Nguyen Chi Dien, a representative for Phu Yen wooden craft village in Chuong My District said the development of craft villages was facing huge many challenges. He said as most of them were household businesses, they can't exactly expand the premise and this affected their competitiveness.

"The rental fees in industrial zones are high while people are maintaining businesses with their own money so they can't expand," he said.

The equipment at craft villages in Hanoi is outdated. Adding to the limited infrastructure and small workshops, the environmental pollution in those villages is reaching crisis point.

The tourism department in Hanoi has opened several tours to craft villages such as the tour to Bat Trang ceramic village or Van Phuc silk village. But those trips don't have much effect on the city's tourism because of the lack of parking, toilets or visitor centres.

Nguyen Van Suu, Hanoi's vice chairman, said, "To boost the development of craft villages, this year, the city will focus on popularising policies about craft villages and helping provide training courses to the ensure the continuity of the craft."

He went on to say that the city would also help connect villagers with the banks and have promotional programmes to boost tourism. He hopes the village will upgrade their equipment to create high-quality products and protect the environment.

"We hope the village will set up a place to introduce and promote their products to visitors and understand that the development of craft villages is closely linked to the city's tourism development," he said.

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