Spike trap thought to target overloaded trucks
  • By Nhu Quynh | | June 17, 2017 10:25 AM
The National Traffic Safety Committee has requested an urgent inspection into a big board of spikes that was deliberately put on a road between Phu Tho and Tuyen Quang provinces.

The board, which is 20cm long, 7cm wide and 10cm high, was laid on National Highway 186. It was said to aim at vehicles, particularly overloaded trucks which transport construction materials.


The spike board put on National Highway 186

The National Traffic Safety Committee condemned the spike trap, citing how it was an obvious threat to people’s safety.

The committee has ordered authorities of Phu Tho and Tuyen Quang to investigate and strictly deal with violators as well as the public concerns about the operation of many overloaded vehicles on National Highway 186.

Some believe that the spike board was aimed at deliberately damaging vehicles and forcing drivers to use conveniently nearby repair services. Nail traps are very common in many roads in Vietnam; however, the fines are not strict enough to violators.

Earlier, a couple in HCM City were caught red-handed while dropping sharp metal pieces onto a local road, but they were fined just VND6m and made to publicly apologise.

Authorities are gathering opinions for the draft amended Criminal Law which proposes a 12-year prison sentence and VND500 million (USD24,000) fine for those caught deliberately spreading nails on roads.

However, other people said that putting the spike board on National Highway 186 was a way to show local people’s opposition to the rampant operation of overload trucks which damage the road, drive dangerously and pollute the environment. Despite long terms problems, the local authorities have ignored the issue.

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