Second-hand consumer goods flood HCM City ports
  • | | June 19, 2017 01:22 PM
Second-hand consumer goods have been smuggled and abandoned in HCM City.

On June 6, the Customs Branch of Saigon port area 1 co-operated with the border guards of Nha Rong Wharf to checked suspicious cargo in Cat Lai Port. The cargo was described as plastic baskets by the Trong Nguyen Company. However, the authorities found thousands of second-hand electronic devices which are banned from import.


Thousands of second-hand electronic devices smuggled into Vietnam 

Customs have reported many similar smuggling cases. Most of them contain second-hand devices from Japan. Two cargoes containing 380 second-hands air conditioners, 129 washing machines, 28 electric cookers, 90 rice cookers and various other devices were also seized while being smuggled into Vietnam.

Customs worked with the Anti-Smuggling Investigation Bureau and the Customs Control Team, border guards of Nha Rong Wharf to check three containers imported from Japan to Cat Lai Port. All of them contain 1,100 second-hand air-conditioners and 165 electric fans.

The containers belong to Nguyen Tan Company in Binh Duong Province who claimed that they contain pressed wood boards. This is the biggest smuggling case involving such items so at Cat Lai Port this year yet.

In addition, many of smuggled cargoes are being abandoned after they attracted the attention of the customs. Last week, the customs branch co-operated with Saigon New Port Company to sell 195 out of 456 old tyres abandoned at Cat Lai Port. According to customs, there are 226 abandoned containers at the port. Most of them are out-dated devices, materials, chemicals and food.

In order to import banned products, the importers transported the goods via various locations. For example, the cargoes of electronic devices were imported from Japan, transited to Shenzhen City and Hong Kong before they were imported into Vietnam.

The Customs Department of HCM City has asked its branches to tighten monitoring to prevent smuggling cases of old devices from Japan and China.

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