Hanoi authorities seek support for tree-related projects
  • | tp, | July 06, 2017 04:34 PM
Hanoi will make public all the projects relating to tree planting and relocating in the area according to the city's chairman Nguyen Duc Chung.


Hanoi will publicise tree-related projects

Chung said at a meeting on July 5 that removing and relocating trees were unavoidable during the development process. "The removal and reallocation of trees are being considered for construction of Ring Road 3, then Ring Road 2 and for the underground parking lots and some new roads. Agencies are asked to carefully research the projects and options," he said.

He went on to say that the city always gathers opinions from scientists and state agencies to complete the project. Every kind of trees on every street is scrutinised so that the trees that are healthy and can still grow will be relocated.

"The process to remove the trees are carried out in accordance with the procedures. The wood must be auctioned publicly and the money will be contributed to the state budget. The healthy trees will be taken care of before being replanted," he said.

Talking about the project to relocate and remove nearly 1,300 dry zone mahogany trees on the Ring Road 3, Chung said they city would need 7-hectares to plant the trees temporarily if they want to relocate every tree. Moreover, it'll cost VND70bn (USD3m) for the relocation and VND100bn for ground clearance.

He also said the dry zone mahogany trees were not suitable for Hanoi's streets.

"In order to plant a tree properly, we'll have to dig a 3-metre deep, 2-metre wide hole in the pavement and that's undoable. With the cost to relocate those trees, we can use the money to buy 20,000 more economical and beautiful trees," Chung said.

Hanoi is working with China, Singapore and Japan to find a more suitable tree that can help prevent noise and air pollution.

He said, "The city is planting the tropical almond and black myrobalan. The dry leaves will curl up and easily get into the sewer while the leaves of the dry zone mahogany can't."

Chung said the city would publicise various projects in the coming time and hoped that the citizens would support them.

"I promise that by 2020, we'll have 11 square metres of green space per capita. It's feasible and we'll do our best," he said.

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