Anti-vaccine believers criticised by medical experts
  • | | July 08, 2017 09:06 AM
Increasing numbers of parents in Vietnam are putting their children at risk due to their anti-vaccine beliefs.

A number of Facebook groups have attracted thousands of members, with many of them expressing their concerns whether the children should be given with vaccines.


Increasing numbers of parents in Vietnam are putting their children at risk due to their anti-vaccine beliefs. 

A member named Quynh Hoa said that vaccines were not totally safe for children and some kinds cause complications, so parents should select only necessary vaccines for their children. Meanwhile, some others suggested that children less than two years old should not be provided with any kinds of vaccines. This will help them to have a natural immune system.

According to group member Dieu Lien, her second two-year-old child has not yet injected with any vaccine, but she is very strong.

Her first child who was given lots of vaccines is often sick. However, since when she stopped vaccines for the first child, his health has become better.

A mother Que Pham said that preservative substances in vaccines cause led to diseases for users such as meningitis.

Truong Huu Khanh from HCM City Paediatrics Hospital 1’s infectious disease ward raised concerns over the increasing anti-vaccine beliefs in Vietnam.

He said that anti-vaccine movement was common in some countries, but the beliefs were largely ridiculed.

Many countries regulate that if local children are not given with vaccines, they are not allowed to go to school.

Most anti-vaccine believers are from families which have children facing problems after vaccinations. The problems might be due to congenital health problems. However, parents would rather blame complications on vaccinations.

Regarding the opinion that many children who are still strong without being given with vaccines, Khanh said that, they are among lucky ones who live in areas without diseases and epidemics. But, if they live in areas where there are epidemics, they will face a high risk of infection.

In 2014, dozens of Vietnamese children died of measles due to not being injected with the vaccine.

Khanh highlighted that all children need to be vaccinated and side-effects are extremely rare.

Doctor Nguyen Tri Doan from Victoria Healthcare, said that vaccinations are among the most useful measures for disease prevention, noting that anti-vaccine beliefs aren’t sensible.

Doctor Pham Nguyen Quy from Japan’s Kyoto Miniren Hospital said that refusing to give children vaccinations could be considered as a violation of children’s rights.

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