Family lives on a boat on Saigon canal for two decades
  • By Nguyen Quang | | July 12, 2017 08:17 AM
A couple with their daughter in HCM City has been living on their boat on a canal in HCM City for more than 20 years.

The boat has been the home of Le Van Duc, 61, his 54-year-old wife Nguyen Thi Vinh and their daughter, under the Rach Ban 2 Bridge in District 7. The place they are living is not far from a luxury residential area in District 7.


Duc lost a leg while fighting against the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. He has five children with his first wife, who died young from an illness. He raised his children on his own. Then they grew up and when they could take care of themselves, they left for other places. 

He met his second wife 20 years ago and they have a girl who is now 10 years old 

Duc has stopped fishing since the canals became polluted now sells lottery tickets, while his wife sells drinks at the foot of Rach Ban 2 Bridge.


He often comes to school to pick his daughter after selling lottery tickets.



With no electricity, they have to use oil lamps for lighting. 

The boat is often flooded by high flood tides or heavy rain. At that time, the family have to move on to the river bank to wait for the water to subside. Duc said that he always tries his best so that his daughter can have the opportunity to go to school to have a better life.

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