Mother finds baby accidentally switched at hospital 43 years ago
  • By Ha Trang | | October 23, 2017 06:24 PM
A family in Hanoi has found their biological daughter who had been mistakenly swapped with another child 43 years ago.

Nguyen Thi Mai Hanh, 64, said she gave birth to a baby girl on October 10, 1974, at Ba Dinh Maternity Care on Phan Huy Ich Street. Hanh was given number 33 when she was admitted, but after birth, she noticed that her child had number 32. The nurses and doctors insisted that the child was hers and the number was damaged during a bath.

Even though Hanh suspected that the child was not hers, she still loved and cared for her deeply. Hanh did not tell her daughter, Ta Thi Thu Trang, about her suspicion. Hanh's husband didn't let her take a DNA test and told her to keep the truth secret before he died.

Nguyen Thi Mai Hanh (first row, left) sitting next to her husband and their four children. Ta Thi Thu Trang were standing second from left in a file family photo

However, Hanh was troubled by the thoughts about her daughters and got the DNA test in 1998, the result was negative. She took the test again in 2015 and when she was told that the result was still negative, she decided to tell Trang with the hope that both of them could find their biological relatives.


Trang confirmed that they had found their biological families

When their story was published last year, many people had called to offer help.

Trang recently confirmed that they had found their biological families and Hanh's biological daughter also has her own family now. The nurse at Ba Dinh Maternity Care mistakenly gave both babies the number 32. One family had already received their child and went home without realising the mistake.

According to the families, they were devastated after finding out the truth. But now they have two families at once.

A representative for Trang's family said, "The search is meant to find and connect with the biological families, not to hurt anyone."

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