Bird selling booms for July festival
  • | laodong, | August 25, 2018 07:04 AM
Many people in Hanoi are flocking to Hoang Hoa Tham, to buy birds for release on the Vu Lan and the Amnesty of Unquiet Spirits Festival.

According to traders, both birds and fish are selling out extremely well. Trader Nguyen Dinh Toai with 10 years of experience said, "My biggest order until now is 2,000 birds. Those orders are often from Buddhist groups. The festival falls on Saturday this year so the orders will be much larger than usual."

Sparrows are the favourite and each sold at VND16,000, ten times higher than normal prices. Many people are willing to buy pigeons and white-eye birds at the price of VND100,000 to VND130,000 (USD5.20) each.

There are also people who care about the quantity than the species.

Thieu Thi Huyen from Phu Tho Province said, "I bought a sparrow for only VND7,000 (28 US cents) just two months ago. I'll check some more shops. I know the prices will surge because of the festival but this is too high."

Nguyen Manh Dung, another customer said he bought the animals in odd numbers.

"The sparrows are sold at VND20,000 (80 US cents) each. I bought three. I've done the releasing ceremony with my family since I was small. I often feel much more relaxed and at ease afterwards. It's also a way to pray for my family," he said.

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Buying birds for releasing

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