Fire safety concern raised at illegal parking lots
  • | tienphong, | November 30, 2018 07:05 AM
A huge number of plots of land in Hanoi have been rented out for illegal parking lots and garages which neglect regulations about fire safety.


Parking lot in Cau Giay District

On November 26, a fire broke out at a garage on the opposite Nam Trung Yen Secondary School, Cau Giay District, and destroyed five cars. Fires already broke out in this area in 2014 and 2017 but garages and parking lots still show little care about fire safety.

Cau Giay District has the largest number of garages and parking lots. Most of the project lands which haven't been used yet are rented out as football fields, garages or parking lots. There are over 30 garages and parking lots in Trung Hoa and Yen Hoa wards alone.

Thousands of square metres under the railway bridge in Xuan Dinh Ward are also rented out to be parking lots. On the opposite of the headquarters of Nam Tu Liem People's Committee, there are many restaurants and a parking lot for passenger buses. Those services are not registered. The parking lots and garages are haphazardly put up and none of them meet fire safety requirements.

A parking lot in Vinh Tuy Ward which was set up on a stagnant project land has business license expired since September but refused to move out.

The office building complexes project on Pham Hung Street was approved by Hanoi People's Committee in 2011. It covers 28 hectares on both Me Tri and Yen Hoa wards and is divided into seven plots of land. However, only the constructions of Keangnam Tower and the headquarter of General Department of Vietnam Customs are still being carried out, the rest of the land has been rented out to be garages and parking lots.

Me Tri Ward People's Committee said that Hanoi People's Committee allowed Hanoi Housing Development and Investment Corporation (Handico) to lease the land and put up some temporary constructions to prevent encroachment. However, Me Tri Ward People's Committee said they didn't know about the illegal constructions. A recent fire also broke out at one of those lots.

Do Ngoc Anh, chairman of Yen Hoa Ward, admitted that salons, garages and parking lots had been put up. They have asked Handico to cancel the contracts, ordered the users to move out and announced that they would cut off water and electricity.

"We do not earn anything from letting them use the lands. We are actually cleaning up the mess," he said.

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