Company proposes to renovate To Lich River
  • | laodong, | December 05, 2018 04:26 PM
Phuong Bac Infrastructure Company proposed November 8 to transform the heavily-polluted To Lich River in Hanoi.


To Lich River

The company chairman Dam Van Long confirmed in the written proposal that they wouldn't collect fees and introduced Vingroup as the project's investor. They suggested using both build-transfer and build-operate-transfer (BOT) models for this project.

For packages that use BOT model, investors can open tourism services on To Lich River for a period of time. The company also suggested setting up a comprehensive system for tourism include inland waterway transportation and floating cafes.

Another proposal is to make it a public-private-partnership project in which investors can open services on To Lich River for a period of time with preferential treatments. They want to turn To Lich into a pleasant urban feature.

The drainage system must be changed so that only rainwater will be discharged into the river and the wastewater will be directed into another route. Investors must plant trees, dredge and clean the river. To Lich River could be connected with the Red River and other existing rivers.

In the future, other polluted rivers such as Kim Nguu and Nhue can be renovated to improve the drainage system in the capital.

However, Pham Thanh Tung, chief office of the Vietnam Association of Architects, opposed the project. According to Tung, the rivers have been turned into open sewers as wastewater and rubbish are dumped into the water.

"Projects to revive the polluted rivers are necessary but they should not be taken advantages of to do businesses," he said. "It will be a mistake in urban planning."

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