Farmer grows different fruits on one tree
  • | | December 24, 2018 08:15 AM
A 65-year-old farmer in Hanoi continues to earn great profits from his special garden where he grows 10 types of fruits on one tree.

Le Duc Giap is well-known in Cao Vien Commune, Thanh Oai District for his garden. Since 2008, Giap succeeded in grafting multiple types of fruits onto one tree. At first, he was only able to graft five different fruits, but now he can grow 10 types of fruits on one tree.

Such trees are displayed during Tet Holiday and most of the fruits are often put on the offering trays.

According to Giap, in the first two years, his trees were weak and the fruits didn't grow in time for Tet. After some experiments, he has been able to make a living out of the garden.

"Pomelo should be grafted early in April and then mandarin and limes should be grafted in May while Buddha's hands and kumquat fruits were grafted in August," he said.

He started selling the trees in 2009 and many farmers from other provinces have come to learn from him. There are various types of trees whose prices range from VND1.5m (USD64) to VND10m. According to Giap, he earns from VND500m to VND600m annually.

This year, he successfully grew 100 trees and many of them have already been booked. Giap is worried that the warm weather during the day may make the fruits to ripe too early.

Some photos of Giap's garden:





Le Duc Giap is well-known for his garden

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