Households to be moved out of Hue citadel
  • | | January 04, 2019 09:25 AM
Over 520 households living within the boundaries of Hue Citadel will be moved out this year as part of a campaign to restore the royal complex.


Many lakes encroached

The local authorities aim to clear 9.98 hectares of land by March 30, complete the resettlement area by August and prepare the land for the next step of the relocation project for 2020-2021 period.

The local authorities are planning to relocate some 4,200 households that are using nearly 40ha of land in the citadel to better preserve the site. The plan will make preservation work easier and help reduce population density around the complex and ease congestion.

The VND2.7trn (USD115.6m) project is divided into two phases. From 2019 to 2021, about 2,938 households will be relocated and 1,263 households will also be moved out from 2022 to 2025. After that, the local authorities will have to repair the damaged citadel and roll out tourism services.

Hoang Ngoc Khanh, the office chief of Thua Thien-Hue Province, said that many households didn't have land use right certificates and were not entitled for compensation. However, the authorities will have special policies for these poor households.

People started living in the complex in the post war period. In 1999, heavy flooding hit Hue and sent more families to the citadel walls after their homes and boats were destroyed. However the crowded population also caused pollution and damage to the complex.

Eight out of 40 lakes in the citadel have been filled up for new houses or used as dumping sites as the area used by housing expanded over the years. Most of the protected areas have been used as a residential area or to plant vegetables.

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