Famous Hanoi flower village struggles to expand business
  • | laodong, | January 07, 2019 12:00 PM
Flower farmers in Tay Tuu Village, Hanoi, are having to find land in another district to expand their work due to urbanisation.

Tay Tuu flower village in Bac Tu Liem District has been providing flowers to Hanoi and other provinces for years and is their geographic branding is also well-known. However, recently, another Tay Tuu Village has appeared in another district.

According to the farmers, urbanisation has shrunk the available lands for growing flowers. As a result, many families search for better land in other areas and worked together to set up another Tay Tuu Village. The new area is 8km away from the original Tay Tuu.

"Land for flowers is getting smaller. Factories and companies are being set up everywhere so the soil is not as good as in the past. We don't want to stop growing flowers so we decided to rent a plot of land in Phung Town, Dan Phuong District. Other families are also doing that," said Nguyen Thi Chung, a farmer in Tay Tuu.

The local authorities also created the best conditions for them. Most of the contracts are three to five years so that the farmers can raise lilies, roses and daisies. Irrigation costs VND20m so everyone hopes that their flowers will sell well this year at Quang Ba flower market.

Some photos of the new Tay Tuu Village:





Flower gardens in Tay Tuu Village are being narrowed

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