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  • | danviet, | January 08, 2019 07:15 AM
People in Quang Ninh are complaining about possible dangers caused by a street widening project that has many trees being planted on the road.


Trees planted on the roadbed in Uong Bi City in Quang Ninh Province

The local were puzzled when they first saw hundreds of trees being planted on the roadbed, some trees are several metres away from the pavement along Quang Trung Street, Uong Bi City. According to a local, the city authorities didn't publicise the design when the construction on Quang Trung Street was started.

"Several days ago, we saw square holes were left open whilst they were completing the concrete surface. We questioned the workers while trees were planted into the holes but no one said anything," a local man said.

The pavement on Quang Trung Street used to be wide so there's no shortage of space for trees. However, as the authorities cut the pavements to widen the streets, the locals only have enough space to place their motorbikes. The electric boxes are also placed right next to the houses.

Nguyen Thi Nga, a local in Uong Bi said, "The job was done haphazardly. The cable lines were buried in a hurry and they don't explain why trees are planted on the road."


The locals' daily lives largely affected by the project

Nguyen Thanh Tung, office chief of the provincial Traffic Safety Committee, said they had received the information about the case and was working with the Department of Transport for investigation. He admitted the planted trees on the street would threaten traffic safety.

"The investor said they would install reflective objects around the trees and vehicles can park next to them," he said.

The daily lives of the locals have been largely affected since the project was started three months ago. According to the investor, the Management Board of Construction Projects in Uong Bi, the project costs over VND79bn (USD3.4m) from the state budget. The construction units are Quang An Company and Thanh Thao Quang Ninh Company. The project is scheduled to be completed by Tet Holiday.

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