Parents turn to GPS watches to ensure kids' safety
  • By The Hung | | August 08, 2019 08:57 AM
Many parents are rushing to buy GPS watches to keep track of their children.

Parents turn to GPS watches to ensure kids' safety

Hai Anh, a parent from Khuong Trung Ward, Hanoi, said she had a child in primary school. "He is still too small so I don't want to leave everything to the teachers at school. My husband and I have discussed many methods to ensure safety to our child."

She went on to say that she was introduced to GPS watches by a friend.

Pham Quynh Nga from Ha Nam Province said she had given her child a GPS watch a long time ago.

"At first, I wanted to buy a watch that has a video recording function and another function that let me hear the sound around my child without him picking up the call. But other users said watches with too many functions break more easily," she said.

A good watch is often sold from VND600,000(USD26) to VND1,400,000 with many functions such as call recording, and journey surveillance. Some watches are advertised to have video calls and wifi access with an average price of VND1m to VND2m.

According to the sellers, demands for GPS watches often surge when the new school year starts. After the case where a first-grader in Hanoi was forgotten and left to die on a school bus on August 6, demand for GPS watches had spiked.

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