Concerns raised after Da Lat flood
  • | danviet, | August 13, 2019 06:17 AM
Even Da Lat City in Lam Dong Province, 1,500 metres above sea level, has been submerged in water in recent floods, raising questions about sustainable development.


Da Lat has 10,000 hectares of greenhouses

Da Lat has 18,000 hectares of agricultural lands and 10,000 hectares are greenhouses.

Lam Ngoc Tuan from Da Lat University said, "In the past seven years, floods have become more common in Da Lat and neighbouring areas. It is caused by the rising number of greenhouses."

According to Tuan, floods often occurred at places that have been deforested to build greenhouses. The terrain changed, the rain didn't soak into the soil but turned into a stream of water and ran into the river or another stream.

Le Tu, chairman of Lam Dong Association of Architects, agreed that the lack of planning for greenhouses is why Da Lat was flooded after heavy rains. "Da Lat's drainage system is sponsored by Denmark and is really good, however, because of unreasonable development that it isn't used effectively. We must re-plan the greenhouses," he said.

Cao Chi Cong, deputy head of the General Department of Forestry, said since 2010, Lam Dong has lost about 90,000 hectares of forest. As of 2018, the forest cover rate in the whole Central Highlands was only 46.01% with 2.5 hectares of forest land. Combing with the development of greenhouses along Cam Ly Stream, Da Lat will have to face higher flood risks.

The rain and floods from August 5 to 10 killed one and injured four people. More than 2,400 houses were flooded and 548 households were evacuated. 2,500 hectares of crops were flooded and 56.4 hectares of fish farms affected.

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