HCM City pavements encroached again
  • | laodong, | November 15, 2019 03:32 PM
Pavements in HCM City have quickly been encroached upon by businesses and street vendors again as local authorities claim they were helpless despite public questions about corruption and lax management.


HCM City pavements encroached again

A street vendor on Tran Quang Khai Street admitted that they had to pay a bribe in order to do business on the pavement.

In December 2017, Pham Nguyen Vu, a member of the District 1 Urban Management Team was fired for accepting money and letting people use pavements. Doan Ngoc Hai, former vice chairman of District 1, previously said that they faced many difficulties when dealing with encroachment as it affected the interests of people including some in the state offices.

Nguyen Ngoc Tuong, deputy head of the HCM City Traffic Safety Committee, said they hadn't discovered any corruption, However, there are many localities authorities that ignore their duties to prevent pavement encroachment.

"This is why the public think that there is corruption," he said.

In early 2018, 24 districts in HCM City signed a commitment to prevent roadbed and pavement encroachment in 157 streets. After a year, 34 streets are completely free of illegal encroachment, 109 streets have shown little progress and 14 streets are still problems.

According to Cu Chi District authorities, they have fired a leader of an urban management team, fired a communal chairman and punished two communal vice chairmen due to lax management. However, Cu Chi is a rare case since few state employees have ever been punished.

Tuong said in order to prevent corruption, localities authorities should carry out cross-examinations. Results will be reported to HCM City People's Committee.

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