More services expected to bring more tourists to My Son Sanctuary
  • | | December 05, 2019 05:04 PM
Authorities in Quang Nam Province have discussed measures to develop more tourism services and to increase the number of tourists in My Son Sanctuary.


Authorities in Quang Nam Province discussed measures to develop more tourism services

The problem was discussed at the conference about heritage tourism held on December 3 in order to boost My Son tourism, keeping and encouraging tourists to stay and spend more at My Son.

My Son Sanctuary receives 420,000 visitors with over VND60bn revenue every year. However, Tran Van Tan, vice chairman of Quang Nam Province, said such numbers were small compared to the annual visitors the province received which was over 7.65 million. My Son Sanctuary has huge potential to attract more tourists but most tourists only go to My Son to sightseeing for half a day before going to Danang or Hoi An because there is nothing else in My Son.

My Son Sanctuary.

Le Tan Thanh Tung, deputy head of Vitours Company, said domestic tourists also didn't pay enough attention to My Son. Domestic tourists only account for 14-15% of the total visitors to My Son and this rate is declining every year. There is little promotion for My Son in the media and internet.

"Quang Nam has huge tourism potential with international heritage sites, biosphere reserve, and various national historical sites," Tung said. "But it feels like My Son is very isolated from other attractions. The attractions haven't been connected together suitably and this needs to be improved."

Tung emphasised that heritage conservation is the most important work and the local authorities must work together to protect the UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the other hand, they must build a plan to receive more tourists to the site. He suggested that the localities authorities should work with the authorities in Hue, Quang Nam and Hoi An to promote the Cham culture like sending singing and dancing groups to perform there and introduce Cham cuisine to the visitors.

Several firms suggested developing homestay and resort businesses instead of mass hotel projects. A large area near the sanctuary can be used as a camping site with strict rules about fire safety and environmental protection.

It is necessary to make quality souvenirs and promote specialities from My Son to tourists such as Fengshui products. The tour firms can help build tour packages that connect My Son with other attractions like Cham Island and propose to the provincial authorities to create more attractions nearby.

Tran Van Tan confirmed that they have had plans to connect My Son with other eco-resorts. My Son also has Tay Vien mineral stream, Dai Binh garden village, and other tourists spots. The site can be easily connected to other attractions in Hoi An and Quang Nam thanks to developed infrastructure.

"We'll create favourable conditions for firms to bring more tourists and encourage them to pay more at My Son Sanctuary," he said.

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