Foreigners keep Hanoi clean during Kitchen Gods' Day
  • | | January 17, 2020 08:54 PM
A group of foreign people have helped collect rubbish in Hanoi on the Kitchen Gods' Day when local people release carps and throw away the containers on January 17.

Since morning, Ben Baron from the US and a group of volunteers from various countries including South Korea and Singapore have arrived at Chuong Duong Bridge to collect plastic bags and other items left behind by the locals who came to release carps.

Some people even threw incense ash and offerings into the river. By 10 am, Baron and other foreigners who are working and living in Hanoi had already collected a large amount of rubbish. Baron said he understood the ceremony and this is a beautiful tradition in Vietnam. However, it will be much better for the environment if fewer plastic bags are used.

His group's work is much appreciated by the people around. Many people thanked them and automatically gave them the bags after releasing the carps instead of throwing them into the water.

Some photos of the day:


Ben Baron from New York, USA collects rubbish around Chuong Duong Bridge

A group of foreigners from various countries help to collect rubbish at Chuong Duong Bridge

More and more people release carps at noon

A woman keeps fish in a bowl instead of a plastic bag

Thrown-away items under Chuong Duong Bridge

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