HCM City supermarkets congested even at late night on Tet
  • |, TP | January 22, 2020 02:56 PM
Many big supermarkets in HCM City are jammed even at late night as customers prepare for the Lunar New Year.

At 11 pm, Hanoi Supermarket was still crowded with a large number of people rushing to buy goods for Tet 

  BigC, CoopMar and Lotte were in the same situation 

At Big C An Lac Supermarket 

Nguyen Thanh from Binh Tan District said that she had thought that supermarkets would be deserted, but it turned out to be totally different. Most of stalls were jammed and people had to squeeze in to select products. 

Despite higher prices, products such as fermented pork still attract customers as they are popular dishes for Tet. 


Supermarkets launch promotion programmes for fruits and clothes 

More cash desks are arranged, some supermarkets still experienced overcrowding 


Different kinds of jams

Areas for children games opened until late night at supermarkets

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