Hanoi people queued to buy face masks
  • | | February 07, 2020 11:13 AM
Many people in Hanoi have queued up outside mask shops on February 6 in order to buy masks.


Queuing to buy masks

Face mask shortages and overcharging are still a huge problem in Vietnam amid the coronavirus outbreak. My Hanh from Hai Duong City said she had asked her acquaintance in Hanoi to order some face masks for her.

"But my friend said it was impossible. I have continued using a cloth face mask. However, because of rain and high humidity, when the mask is washed, it takes a very long time to dry," she said.

When news spread that some shops in Hanoi sell a box of face masks for only VND35,000 (USD1.51), many people flocked to buy them.


People wait for hours to buy face masks

Ha Linh said she had queued outside a pharmacy on Quan Nhan Street since early morning on February 6. However, after one hour, they ran out of masks. She had to go to another one on To Vinh Dien Street and queued for two hours to buy a box of 50 face masks.

"People are packed inside the shops and many people didn't queue," said Xuan Huy. "Quarrels broke out when a customer who already bought masks returned and interrupted the line to buy more."

Another local said she only planned to make a quick visit to the mask shop but couldn't believe that the queue would take two hours. Many people parked motorbikes on the road to go to the shops, some had to leave their stuff on the motorbikes.

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