Daily meals prepared at a quarantine area in Lang Son
  • | | February 07, 2020 03:10 PM
The military have prepared food for hundreds of people at a quarantine area in the northern Lang Son Province.

Each quarantined person at the Regiment 123, Lang Son Military Command, is entitled to VND57,000 (USD2.50) for three meals a day, VND11,000 for breakfast and lunch each and VND23,000 for dinner.

Colonel Nguyen Van Quyen, head of the Regiment 123, said as of 5 pm on February 6, they had received over 400 people who had returned from China. The soldiers have worked hard to prepare meals for the quarantined people to ensure their health during their quarantine.

Captain Hoang Thi Bach from the logistics department said, "After receiving directives, we have made plans for daily meals during the quarantine period. We also tightened inspection over food supplies and gained approval from the agency in charge of food hygiene and safety."

On February 6, they prepared meals for 340 people but as the lunchtime neared, the registered people increased to 379 and to over 400 at 4 pm. The meals must include vegetables, meat and soup.

Doan Thi Hang from Thanh Hoa Province said, "I and my child have been quarantined for some days and received a lot of help from the soldiers. We had vegetables, spring rolls and meat and my child even had minced meat porridge. It's safer for us to be quarantined here. I hope we’re all healthy to return home. They are really soldiers of the people."

Some photos of the area:


Preparing the meals


Bringing the meals to quarantined people

Doan Thi Hang and her child

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