Rescue team in inflatable boats search for flood victims
  • | danviet, | October 22, 2020 07:58 AM
A group of men have set up an inflatable boat rescue team to help transport people in Le Thuy District, the most flooded area Quang Binh Province.

Tran Dang Vinh from Danang set up the charity team when the flood started. According to Vinh, he had the idea after seeing people struggling to transport the deceased victim. "They were afraid to ask for our help with such a task so we offered to help them first. They were surprised," Vinh said.

On October 20, the team continued travelling to three communes in Le Thuy including Tan Thuy, Duong Thuy and My Thuy to provide food and rescue the stranded people there. The preparations, from pumping the boat and preparing life jackets and food, needed to be done quickly.

The phone signal was very weak there. In some areas, there was no phone signal so the pilot must know the way thoroughly. They must often give the signal to other boats to follow closely.

"We have to carefully push any floating objects like tree branches away or else they may damage the boats," said Tran Dinh Khoa, a member of the team. "Some houses have sharp fences so we have to be careful with them too."

Not all people want to leave. Some are determined to remain at their houses even if they have to live on the roof. The team will provide food for those who want to stay and rescue other people.

Truong Thi Hoi from Tan Thuy Commune said she saw someone escaped from the flooded house on a raft but she couldn't follow them because her nephew was only two years old. She was so glad to see the team.

After four hours, the team rescued three people and evacuated them. In the coming days, they will continue to provide help to other areas in Quang Binh until the water recedes.

Some photos of the rescue team:







Rescue team in inflatable boats search for flood victims

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