Ministry raises warnings over winter-spring diseases
  • | | October 27, 2020 06:43 AM
The Ministry of Health has warned about several diseases which can spread in spring-winter months, especially in the central region after the flooding.


Quang Binh people on a make-shift raft

The Steering Committee for Natural Disasters and Search and Rescue of the Ministry of Health has directed hospitals in areas that are not affected by the flood to send 20-30 employees, medicines and equipment to support people in flood-hit areas. They should also prepare necessities for medical staff and local people affected by the flood to help local hospitals resume operations.

The ministry also issued directives about preventive measures for the winter-spring diseases. Since there's still no vaccine for Covid-19 yet, humid weather in the northern region, flooding in the central region and easy travel will create favourable conditions for transmitted diseases such as rubella, dengue fever and hand-foot-and-mouth disease.

Local authorities must tighten monitoring to early detect new outbreaks. Local health departments must collaborate with the education sector to carry out preventive measures at schools.

For the central region, after flooding, there will be various rubbish left. Rains and flooding also created favourable conditions for many bacteria and virus to grow. Most common diseases often appear after flooding are acute diarrhoea, respiratory disease, eye disease, skin disease, dengue fever and the threat of a Covid-19 outbreak while the condition in the central region is still poor.

Local authorities and people are asked to deal with all excrement, rubbish and animal bodies. They must also try to eat healthily and keep warm during cold weather. They should not bathe and wash clothes with floodwater. If they are suspected of having dengue fever, they should be brought to the nearby medical facility immediately.

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