Small children take on large burdens
  • | | March 27, 2011 09:53 PM

Dozens of children in some central provinces of Vietnam must help their families by performing hard labour.

Most still study in primary or secondary schools, but their difficulties often show on their faces, making them look older.

Siu Roi, 9, from Ruc Ngo Village, in the central highlands province of Gia Lai, takes lumbering footsteps to carry water for her family. “I usually do this every day, so I have got used to it,” she said.

Many Ro Ngao ethnic children in central highlands, Kon Tum, also have to start work at early ages. They help their parents by fetching firewood after school.

Little Hon said her three older brothers had to quit school to help their parents earn a living. Even though she is studying in the 2nd grade, she goes into the forest to fetch firewood every day.

Along Ho Chi Minh road, two Mo Nong ethnic girls carry a large loads of firewood on their backs. They live with their families in Phuoc Nong Commune, Phuoc Son District of central Quang Nam Province.

Ho Thi Hong said both are studying in the 6th grade at Phuong Nong Secondary School. They often do not have enough time for their studies because of their difficult daily chores.

Carrying water up a slope

A little boy who would like to become a teacher

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Their hard work shows

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