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“Stupid Team Danang” not so stupid
  • | | May 19, 2011 03:44 PM

Le Van Son, a 21-year old student heads up “Stupid Team Danang” with the unlikely goal of protecting the environment.

Son, third from left, and his friends

Son, born in Quang Nam Province’ Thang Binh District, is a fourth-year student of Danang University of Technology’s Faculty of Environment.

The club, which consists of 10 members, came up with their name in 2009, after taking part in a short film about environmental issues called “The Age of Stupid”. Since then they have devoted themselves to protecting the environment. They hope to change public opinion and habits concerning environmental issues.

Their aim is to carry out an environmental protection programme every month. So far they have succeeded in organising several campaigns, including “Earth Hour 2010”, “Ecological Hand” and “Anti-plastics”.

The one that they are most proud of was called “Plastic diary”. Initiated in June 2010, the focus was to raise awareness about the use of non-biodegradable products, especially plastics.

“At present, we’re trying to develop a long-term plan to raise education about the environmental dangers of the use of plastic products. The biggest challenge is public indifference, but we consider it a test to our patience and creativity.”

At first, the group’s parents did not support the work of the “Stupid Team”. But over time, they have gained the recognition and support, not only of their families, but of their university.

“We are also actively supported by two organisations called Vietnam Green Generation Network and Action for the City Centre.”

Son hopes that more groups like his will emerge in the country in the near future, not only in Danang, but across the country.

After graduation, he plans on a career that will further the same environmental goals.

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