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11 year-old boy makes two Vietnam’s records
  • | VietNamNet | March 30, 2012 06:00 AM

Every minute of Do Nhat Nam’s day is scheduled, but the boy still has time for relaxation, talking with his parents or taking exercise.


Nam was recognized as the youngest translator in Vietnam at the age of seven. He has just won the second record: the youngest autobiography author for the book “How I learn English?”

Many people think that this boy is very busy with studies, translation and writing, and has no free time, but it is a surprise that his daily schedule is very easy.

Apart from studying at school, Nam always gives priority to talking to his parents and doing exercise. He does exercise in the morning and afternoon. He likes playing badminton the most. In the evening, he finishes studying before 9pm and talks with his parents for one hour before going to bed.

Like other kids, Nam’s dream changes all the time. At the age of six, he wanted to become the US Secretary of State to solve big issues of the world. When he was nine, he wished to become a biologist. His current dream is to become a decoder.

Holding two national records, the 11-year-old boy is very modest. Wherever he goes, there are fans who ask for his signature but Nam does not think that he is famous, but people really love him.

“Each of us has some famous thing. The fame that I look for is the learning path,” Nam said.

When being asked: “do you want to be a jungle fowl or a domestic chicken?” Nam said he wanted to be a cock of the woods because a domestic chicken can have a lot of delicious food, but it has to live without freedom. A jungle cock may have to work hard to seek food but it is free to do what it likes and bring into full play its creativeness.

Nhat Nam’s father, Mr. Do Xuan Thao, said that he taught his son three T letters “tu lap (self reliant) – tu tin (self confident) - tu trong (self respecting). Nam can take care of himself. His parents only have to remind him whenever he reads book or studies so passionately.

To strengthen their son’s confidence at presentations at school, Nam’s parents often play an audience to listen to Nam’s presentations and correct them. Nam said that his two “at-home audience” are neutral. They are not too strict, nor easy. But sometimes the two sides had severe but useful debates.

“Nam’s English is now better than us so we cannot teach English to him, but we show him that we teach him the lifestyle. The best way to teach him how to live well is being good examples,” Mr. Thao said.

Nam’s mother, Phan Thi Ho Diep, said that she was very happy to see his son’s love for her and people around him.

When Nam was over two years old and the family still lived in Japan, once she asked him what he does with his belly-button. Nam babbled: “It reminds me that I was born from your belly. It is a string to connect mother and child sentiment.”

Diep said that in the winter, she often had a bath after Nam. Whenever she got into the bathroom, she always saw the line “I love you” with a heart shape or the icon of a kiss on the steamed mirror, which made her extremely moved.

In relations with his grandparents, his relatives and friends, Nam behaves very emotionally. He also shows his sympathy to disadvantaged people.

“I’m proud of him for his emotional lifestyle than any achievement that he has made,” the mother said about her son, a record-maker. 

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