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Young man teaches himself the art of flute-making
  • By Xuan Ngoc - Ha Trang | | July 15, 2013 02:53 PM
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Nguyen Van Mao, 23, from Nghe An Province, has become well-known in his hometown for having made and being able to play the longest flute in Vietnam.

Nguyen Van Mao

Mao, nicknamed “Mao Meo”, made a flute 2.03 metres in long. Many people are interested and curious about Mao's creation, but so far he is the only one who has mastered this instrument.

Mao searched the forests surrounding his town in order to be able to find the ivory bamboo needed to made the flute. The bamboo must be at just the right age in order to create the perfect sound.

He learned how to play flute from his father, who started teaching him when he was just eight years old, and Mao has had a strong attachment to the instrument for 15 years.

When he was studying at university in Hanoi a few years ago, he started to make friends who shared the same love for playing.

For two years he taught a free flute class at his rented house on Hanoi’s Phung Khoang Street to instruct anyone who was interested.

He started to study how to make his own flutes in 2009 and soon began selling them across the country.

"At first I just looked at online guides to learn how to make them, I also learned from other experienced in the craft. My skills just improved over time," he said. He added that the process of making a good flute can takes at least six months.

Mao, who is also chairman of Northern Flute Club, with the help of his friends, has made around 50,000 flutes to date.

In addition, he acts as chairman of several other flute forums, such as and, which have attracted hundreds of thousands of members across the country.

Now, his flutes are being sold in over 20 countries.

Video about the longest flute

Video about his passion for the flute


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