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Man turns recyclables into tiny motorbikes
  • By Xuan Ngoc – Ha Trang | | April 01, 2014 01:22 PM
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Nguyen Van Long, 24, has spent time making model motorbikes made from recyclables, and they work.

His model motorbikes look real-like, based on brands Vespas to more common rides. The materials used usually are things like discarded metal, rubber and broken engines.

Collecting old motorbikes and their parts has been a growing trend in the country. But Long is among few of people in Hanoi who can create such elaborate models, ranging from older to modern.



The difference between his and other model vehicles, Long’s products can actually run, just like a full-sized motorbike.

He prefers to copy high-end brands, such as Ducati. The one that has been most hailed has been his rendition of the Ducati 1199. The throttle on this model can ignite the engine, just like the real vehicle would. He also makes copies of the Ducati XR1 and  Vespas.

Nguyen Van Long

“I started to study how to make model bikes in 2009. I created a design for vehicles, and crafted them at home. The little models I make run just like the real thing, and I hope that the owners feel like they own a real one," said Long.

In order to create one of these models, Long has to put in a lot of time and effort. The design comes first, requiring drawing out his idea, and then it is time to put it together.

This self-taught engineer plans to open up classes to teach younger people to succeed in the same business.

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