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Heatwave prompts original, cool ideas
  • | vietnamnet, | May 28, 2014 05:28 PM
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Low-income households in Hanoi have been sharing tips to create an air-conditioner which costs only some VND200,000 (USD9.5) to cope with the extreme summer heat.

Nguyen Van Dung learned how-do-do tricks on online forums and social networks before sharing his advice on Facebook. During Hanoi's most recent heatwave, with temperatures exceeding 40 Celsius, the need for an affordable air-conditioner became very apparent, especially for low-income families.

Interest was great because there are still many in the country who do not have the luxury of a conventional air conditioner. Dung claimed that it was possible to make an extremely cheap air condition that worked. The machine has now become a trend in the city.

This homemade appliance consists of a box, a small fan, an L-shape tube and glue. Those who make it simply cut two holes in a box, install the tube and attach a fan. While working, the box contains ice blocks. As the invention spread around the internet many people opted to use it instead of a conventional air conditioner, not only because of the low cost of the materials used, but also because of the savings in electricity.


 Cutting holes in a box

Attaching tube and fan

One commenter said that the cost of VND200,000 to buy the necessary materials was much better than spending VND7-10 million to an air-conditioner. The cost of ice is varies, but the apparatus is still more cost-effective. He said, "With VND5,000 worth of ice blocks, my 'air-conditioner' can run for three hours, even when the ice has melted, the air stays cool for a while."

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