Vietnamese Talents
Though visually impaired, students sets sights high
  • | | December 23, 2009 09:50 AM

Despite his visual impairment, student Dang Trieu Phuong is setting an example for his fellow pupils.

He is one of the best pupils at Nguyen An Ninh High School, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City. He is admired much by his classmates for his excellent study results despite the fact that he has lost nearly all of his vision.

“Every subject is relevant to our life, so every subject is important. I like to discover and be creative. I can feel the light of knowledge though I am nearly blind.” Phuong told me.

I encountered many interesting things when I came to visit his house. There are not only books, but also, “knowledge trees,” on his desk made by Phuong. Each tree is a subject. He explained that he could not write down quickly enough what teachers said so he concentrates only on listening and recorded lectures. He then listens to the tape again at home to self-study. He arranges all of the information in the form of a tree that makes it easier for him to revise the lessons. This is the way he studies social subjects such as literature, history, etc.

The way he learns trigonometry is also very interesting. He made a special clock to remember angel’s measurements. Thanks to his creativity, Phuong's mathematic scores have never been below 9.5 out of 10.

To study well solid geometry, he imagines his room as a tetragon, surrounding walls as its sides. With such a creative methods, he has become very good at this subject.

With the creative and effective way he faces his difficulties and tries to remain independent, I believe our friend will see a brighter future.