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Farmer pursues helicopter dream
  • By Trung Kien-Xuan Hinh | | September 14, 2016 03:28 PM

A farmer in Binh Duong Province successfully constructed a second helicopter with the hope that he will be licensed by the authorities.

Bui Hien, 62, has tried to build a helicopter since 2012. He researched the theories and technical lessons online. His first helicopter was given a speedboat engine and weighed just 250kg, but it wasn't given a flying license by the authorities.

On September 12, Hien announced construction of his second helicopter. The helicopter, named Dream, weighs in at 390kg, 7.4 metres long, 2.4 metres high and is able to lift 600kg. For the second helicopter, Hien used a Formula 1 engine, imported from the US. Hien said that the helicopter could safely land even if the engine cut out.



The helicopter can fly up to 500m high

"It is designed to have a speed of 200km/h but during the tests, I only flew at a height of two metres and at 40-50km/h. At first it could only fly at 25cm high and I changed several key components. It’s really stable now," he said.

Hien said he replaced the heavy rotor blade and improved the tail rotor. The helicopter can fly at an altitude of 500 metres using A92 fuel, with a maximum airtime of two hours.


Hien hopes he would get a licence for the helicopter

During this time, his piloting skills have also greatly improved. He often takes the helicopter out for a fly for 30 minutes a day and has already received several warnings from the authorities as the helicopter hasn't been given licence or considered safe.

"The engine is great. I only need more training then I'll be able to fly higher. The problem is the licence," he said.

In the next step, Hien plans on installing pesticide spraying equipment under the helicopter for farming. According to Hien, the helicopter can use A92 or A95 fuel and costs VND200m (USD9,000). He hopes that small helicopters like his can be used in tourism, forest patrols and anti-smuggling campaigns.

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