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12th graders invent board cleaning robot
  • By Tuyen Tran | | March 14, 2017 08:29 AM
Two 12-grade pupils in Can Tho City have made a robot to clean a blackboard.

Doan Ho Truc Linh and Tran Phan Nhat Duy of Ly Tu Trong High School for the Gifted said they made the robot in seven months. Their product won the first prize of the city youth creativity contest in February.

Linh and Duy created the robot based on the idea of a sport car that can climb walls and ceiling. After having the idea, they started researching about pressure difference and use rubber to make the wheels for maximum friction and help the robot stick to the walls.

Doan Ho Truc Linh (left) and Tran Phan Nhat Duy(right)

According to the pupils, they used Li-Po 2200mA battery, duct fan and the frame made from PLA material. Inside, there are Module Bluetooth HC06, Module ESC, L298 integrated circuit and Arduino Uno R3 microcontroller board. An Android app can easily control the robot to clean the board.

However, the robot is still incomplete as it can't collect the chalk dust. Linh and Duy said if they were able to enter the national youth creativity contest, they would carry out more research to add the new functionality.

Nguyen The Chien, vice headmaster of Ly Tu Trong High School for the Gifted said the school had difficulties with the infrastructure and lack equipment for science and can't help pupils explore all of their potentials.

"However, we'll do our best to create favourable conditions for the pupils to do research and learn more if they are passionate and show effort," he said.

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