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Vietnamese Talent Awards 2017 launched
  • | | May 31, 2017 11:24 AM
The Vietnamese Talent Awards 2017 will support tech start-up projects.

It is estimated that 50 billion devices will become wireless by 2020. The number will rise to 500 billion in 2030 with 25 million apps, 50 trillion gigabytes of data generated and the number of devices connected in the inter-networking will sharply increase by ten times.

Start-ups are booming in Vietnam, especially in the IT sector, and have strong support.

Vietnamese Talent Awards 2017 launched

Pham Huy Hoan, Dan Tri's editor-in-chief, said the Vietnamese Talent Awards 2017 would encourage information and technology products that use artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things. The awards will also focus on new products from existing start-ups.

The organisers want practical and innovative solutions that are focused on every day problems. The workshops and seminars associated with the event are intended to focus on the dramatic technological changes that are anticipated in the coming years.


Dan Tri's editor-in-chief Pham Huy Hoan

This year, the awards will offer VND100m (USD4,400) prize for the winners in three categories of potential information and technology products, start-up information and technology and the mobile information and technology products.

Four major categories including science and technology, medicine, the environment and innovation will also have the same prizes.

Deputy minister of Health Nguyen Viet Tien spoke highly about the awards. Tien said the ministry had supported the awards for a long time and they also carefully reviewed the work of many contestants every year.

"The awards are an incentive to motivate individuals and organisations to work and research which bring great benefits to the patients and public," he said.

The Vietnamese Talent Awards was initiated by the Vietnam Study Promotion Association and co-organised by VNPT, Vietnam Television (VTV) and Dantri online newspaper.

It is sponsored by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Information and Communication, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations. It is also sponsored VNPT, Vietcombank, Vingroup, DanTri Newspaper, VOV News and Vietnamnet.

Winners in previous years have been gained supports from sponsors and interest from local and international organisations.

Pham Huy Hoan called for the participation of students and young people.

Do Vu Anh from VNPT said, "With hope that we can continue contributing to the awards' success in finding and honouring new talents in IT, VNPT will be one of the main sponsors and co-organiser. We’ve worked on the awards for 13 years, VNPT has helped turn these concepts into reality."


Do Vu Anh from VNPT said they hoped to continue contributing to the awards' success

The deadline for entries is September 30. The awards will be aired live on Vietnam Television on November 16.

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