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18 IT finalists selected to compete for Vietnamese Talents Awards 2010
  • | | November 03, 2010 04:48 PM

Candidates from all over Vietnam will bring with them 18 IT products as they compete in the final round of the upcoming Vietnamese Talents Awards 2010.





The press conference to announce qualifying results of the Vietnamese Talents Awards 2010
Editor in Chief of Dan Tri/DTiNews, Pham Huy Hoan, announces new features of this year’s awards
Dr. Long announces the list of products for the final round
Professor Hieu

The products include 10 from the north (seven potential products and three widely applied) and eight in the south (five potential products and three applied).

The information was given at a press conference in Hanoi on November 2 to announce the qualifying results of the award.

The products, which went through strict assessments from the judges, are highly applicable items such as a simulator system for Vietnamese traffic, software to support checking votes, a social network named “Incubating children” and Vietnamese learning service through ezV.

New contents of Vietnamese Talent Awards 2010

At the press conference, Pham Huy Hoan, Editor in Chief of Dan Tri/DTiNews and Chief Organiser of the awards, said it is the first time the candidates in the IT sector were divided into the north and south groups and two examining boards were set up for each region.

This is not only convenient for the examiners but also to help boost candidates’ creativity and contributions to their hometowns.

Regarding the natural sciences area, following the success of the 2009 awards, the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology established a council chaired by Professor Nguyen Van Hieu to select the most outstanding scientists to hand out the awards in 2010.

The council is also seeking opinions from prestigious scientists for the selection to ensure objectiveness and accuracy. Scientists who are honoured this year will be considered for the praise in years to come.

This year is the first time the awards have been expanded into the health sector under the the Ministry of Health’s sponsorship. The ministry has set up a scientific council to select and nominate candidates for the organising board.

The awards will not yet cover the education and study promotion sector until the Ministry of Education and Training and the Vietnam Study Promotion Society agree on regulations.

Prize structure has been kept similar to the 2009 awards. The IT sector will have two prize categories for practical and widely-applied products. Each system has one first prize, one second prize and one third prize worth VND100 million (USD5,000), VND50 million (USD2,500) and VND30 million (USD1,500) respectively.

Only one first prize worth VND100 million will be granted for the medical products.

A large IT playing field

Bui Quoc Viet, a representative for sponsor Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), said “The Vietnamese Talents Awards have become opened a large playing field for IT professionals which not only was proven by the increased quantity and quality of the products, but also their high possibility for real application.”

Sharing the same view with Viet, Dr. Nguyen Long, Secretary General of Vietnam Informatics Association, affirmed that, “The awards are really the biggest creative IT contest in Vietnam. It is a place for IT community to fully express its ability, particularly the youth.”

Long said it is not easy to find outstanding products in a more demanding and changing society. Only products meeting requirements for real application and business orientations can become the winner.

Tran Duc Long, Head of the Legal Department under the Health Ministry thanked the organising board for honouring medical scientists. The ministry will form a council to assess and choose the most excellent research works for the awards.

A host of talents remain unknown

At the conference, Professor and academic Nguyen Van Hieu said with joy that, “We firstly thought that the awards had found all the greatest talents in the natural science sector however, in reality, many talents are making hefty contributions to the national development. We work in this area but it is impossible to know all of them, even in Hanoi.

The elderly professor himself meets with scientists doing typical research work to encourage them to join the awards. To date, the organising board has not yet collected an official number of scientists in the natural sciences field to be hailed at this year’s awards.

The research work will also be appraised by Vietnamese professors based overseas to ensure their objectivity, Hieu disclosed.

He suggested however, that the state should give more worthy treatment to encourage the participation of scientists.
List of the products selected for the final round.

Products in the north:


Product name Author
Applied products
1. Software applied in EMS_enterprise management service Author group from IT department of P&T Express Service Joint Stock Company
2. Software to support checking votes eMTA The system of supporting vote check eMTA
3. Software to calculate transition of hydropower stations Nguyen Van Son
Highly applicable products
1. English-Vietnamese dictionary software for veterinary sector (Vetdict) Student group of course 51 – IT Faculty under Hanoi University of Agriculture
2. High Performance Operating System (HPOS) PCGHUT
3. Tim!Books – An electronic reading and listening software for mobile equipment (iPhone, Android, Samsung Bada) and iPad computer Author group
4. VietParking – A solution for automatic parking management using RFID technology and identifying number plates VietParking
5. Traffic stimulator system in Vietnam HMI – University of Engineering and Technology under Vietnam National University, Hanoi.
6. The system for digitalising human thought MIMAS
7. Online educational operating system ProSoft.EoS Software centre Vietec – Vietnam Investment, Development and Technology Transfer JSC


Products in the south:


Product name Author
Applied products
1. Hello – A tool to seek English-Vietnamese dialogues Pham Viet Thang
2. Application of Multi-dictionary percussion instruments of a number of Vietnamese ethnic minority people Tran Thanh Binh
3. Vietnamese learning software service through ezV Online Diem Tua Ltd. Co.
Highly applicable products
1. Broadcasting software for television and radios (2D Broadcast Player) 2D Group
2. Vocabulary learning software Author group
3. Transort world - Letgo24 Author group
4. service on Ubuntu and utility application of 3G and xDSL technology Research group fo KASATI JSC
5. Social network "Incubating children " DLU












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