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Vietnamese Talent Awards 2018 final nears
  • By Nguyen Nguyen | | November 07, 2018 12:01 PM
The organisers of Vietnamese Talent Awards 2018 have officially announced 20 information technology (IT) products chosen for the final round.

According to the organising board, 20 out of 318 IT products have been selected for the final round. 


The press conference about the awards in Hanoi on November 6

The products are divided into three groups; promising digital products, IT products from start-ups, and mobile connectivity products.

Vietnamese Talent Awards 2018’s IT first round received a product from a 13-year-old girl and a product from a 76-year old man, the youngest and the oldest among the creators.

At a press conference about the awards in Hanoi on November 6, Dantri/DTiNews editor-in-chief Pham Huy Hoan, head of the awards organising board, said that the prizes, including IT, would be doubled to VND200 million (USD9,090), VND100 million, and VND50 million in value for the first, second and third prize respectively.

Ho Duc Thang, a representative from Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) said VNPT will spend around VND1.1 billion on the awards this year. 


Representatives from the awards' organising board at the press conference

Nguyen Long, general secretary of Vietnam Information Technology Association and chairman of Vietnamese Talent Awards 2018’s First Round Council, said the competition’s first round this year had been quite competitive.

He added that products which meet the requirement of Industry 4.0 will be prioritised.

Products in other fields of science and technology, medicine and pharmaceutical and the environment have been also selected for the awards’ final round.

The Vietnamese Talent Awards were launched in 2005 by the Vietnam Association of Promoting Education in coordination with Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), Vietnam Television (VTV) and Dan Tri online newspaper.

The Vietnamese Talent Awards 2018 will be live broadcasted on VTV2 at 8 pm, November 20.

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