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Vietnamese man earns big from exporting bamboo drinking straws
  • By Nguyen Duy | | June 10, 2019 03:28 PM
Nguyen Van Mao from the central province of Nghe An has earned billions of VND per month by exporting bamboo drinking straws.

Mao, 32, from the northern mountainous district of Tan Ky, was head of the northern bamboo flute club when he studied at Hanoi Architecture University. It was the passion for the bamboo flute that inspired him to promote Vietnamese bamboo drinking straws into the world market.


Mao introduces his products in Taiwan

After trips to mountainous areas, he found a large bamboo area which could source his business idea. Increasing numbers of young people wanting to give up using plastic was also a driving force for him to produce environmentally friendly drinking straws.

“It was quite hard for me to travel for hundreds of kilometres by bike to look for areas that could supply my business, but I tried to realise my plan,” Mao said.

After many trial efforts, his Mao Meo bamboo drinking straws which are totally natural and safe to use were launched in February.

Initially, the straws were not sold well in the domestic market because of the strong competition from cheap plastic products. Mao exerted his efforts to find markets which prioritise environmentally-friendly products, including the EU and Taiwan.

“The Vietnamese government strongly supports the export of natural products. I'm currently boosting the export of my products to the EU and Taiwan,” Mao added.


The products have been exported to EU and Taiwan

In the near future, he planned to introduce his products in many other Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

Mao’s bamboo straw workshop in Dong Nai Province is operating stably with 10 million straws per month.

According to Mao, he has co-operated with more international partners, however, he just had just some distributors in the local market despite many incentives offered.

In the coming time, Mao’s products will be sold at much cheaper prices in Vietnam to encourage more consumers.

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