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Two-fingered boy overcomes adversity and creates wonderful art
  • | | December 13, 2010 10:03 PM

Each hand has only one finger, but Dat can write well

A 10-year old boy, who was born with only one finger on each hand, has utilised them to create beautiful artwrork.

Nguyen Duy Dat in Hoang Ly 1 Village, Hoang Dong Commune, Duy Tien District, Ha Nam Province, also has only one toe on each foot.

He is very intelligent, as a child, he used pieces of brick and clamped them with two hands to practise writing in the yard.

When he was 6 years old, Dat insisted on being taken to school along with friends. At the beginning, he was laughed at and teased by his classmates causing his parents leave him at home. However, with his intelligence and thirst for learning, the boy was still determined to go to class.

From the first days, he went to school by himself without his parent’s help. He learnt very well and excelled in fine handwriting and could draw nice pictures. During breaks, the boy often stayed in the classroom to paint.

Thanks to extraordinary efforts and good study results Dat was selected to join the district’s picture drawing contest. He was overjoyed when his picture about his hometown’s landscape with fields and kites won the first prize.

He recalled the first days of writing practice that, “Initially my hands became swollen and I had to cross two figures with each other to hold pens and gradually I felt better and could write normally.”

Looking at his clean and nice notebook, no one would imagine it had been done by a boy with just two fingers. His pictures are also full of colours with detailed lines that very few people of his age can do.

Dat’s hands are just 6cm long and fingers only 4cm long. His feet are only 14cm long. The boy did not surrender to his disability. He exerted himself to practise walking, and thus, he can now move by himself comfortably.

Currently, Dat is in the 5th grade at Hoang Dong Primary School. His teacher said he was recognised as a good-performing pupil during the four past school years. He was also chosen to take part in contests involving notebooks and handwriting in the district and province.

At home, Dat always helps his parents to clean the house and trim bonsais or weave rattan products.

Dat’s Mother Nguyen Thi Thinh shared, “My son is at a disadvantage compared with other children. However, regardless of difficulties, we have tried to save money for his learning.”

Coming to school is of great joy to the boy which can be seen in his eyes and face. “I wish to become an artist to draw very beautiful pictures for my parents, teachers and friends. I also want to earn money to help my family in the future,” Dat said.

Dat’s fine handwriting

One of Dat\'s drawings

Dat helps his mother do chores

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