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Nghe An student wins scholarships to 15 US universities
  • By Nguyen Duy | | April 28, 2020 01:37 PM

A high school student in the central province of Nghe An has just won scholarships worth USD1.8 million offered by 15 universities in the US.

Nguyen Banh Duc has won scholarships to study computer science at 15 US universities.

12-grader Nguyen Banh Duc who is studying at a high school for the gifted in Vinh City has been given scholarships to study computer science at 15 US universities in which the Dickinson College offered the biggest scholarship with USD 210,400 for four years.

A letter from Dickinson College sent to Duc to inform the financial assistance of USD 210,400 for four years of study.

Duc has a special love for maths since small and has won high prizes in maths contests including third prize in the national math contest for 11th graders and the bronze prize at the 2018 Students Maths Olympics.

Duc plays the guitar

The student decided to look for scholarships from US universities when studying 11th grade. While good at maths he faced lots of difficulties in English. But with great effort over a six-month period, he achieved a 7.5 point score in IELTS, 1,460/1,600 in SATs, and 800/800 in maths.

The young man admitted that he had also struggled with lots of essays and interviews when applying for US university admission.

"One of the topics for my essays is my carelessness," he said. "I see that many people would try to hide their weakness but I want to share it, and I decided to write about my carelessness."

Despite busy studying timetable, Duc is also a very active monitor in his class and participates in many extracurricular activities. He has also taken part in several charity programmes in the area.

 Duc takes part in several charity programmes in the area.

Talking about her son, Duc's mother Ho Thi Thao who is a teacher at a local high school said that he's a hard-working man and mostly self-studies online.

The student is now considering to take one invitation from the 15 US universities including the Denison University, Dickinson College, Depauw University, Knox College, Cornell, Suny Binghamton University, Gustavus Adolphus College, Augustana College, Hendrix College, Ohio Wesleyan University, Saint John’s University(MN), Drexel University, Temple University, Arizona University, and University of Cincinnati.

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