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Vietnamese hospital presented with three Asian records
  • |, VNS | May 29, 2020 02:36 PM
115 People's Hospital in HCM City has won three Asian records for its outstanding achievements.

The Asian Record Organisation granted the record certificates for the hospital on Thursday. Among the three records, two are for the whole hospital and one for an individual.

The first record was for being the first hospital in Asia using the Modus V Synaptive robot system to conduct an brain tumour surgery successfully.


The brain surgery was conducted using the Modus V Synaptive robot system

The patient, 67, was hospitalised with a headache, dysarthria and right limb weakness. An MRI scan revealed that she had a small tumour in the left cerebral hemisphere, measuring 2cm and located about 1.5-2cm from the cortex, affecting her speech and mobility.

The normal surgery could result in neurological sequelae – complications caused by damage to the nervous system – because the tumour was very small.

In February 2019, Chu Tan Si, head of the hospital’s Neurology Department, surgery and his colleagues with the support of Professor Amin Kassam, Vice President of Aurora Health Care (USA) conducted the surgery to remove the tumour successfully after an hour and a half.

The second record recognised the hospital to be the first in Asia meeting the European Stroke Association’s Gold Treatment Quality Standards.

The third record is for Dr Chu Tan Si who is dubbed the “golden hand” of neurosurgery in Vietnam, was chief of the surgeon staff for the operation.

According to Dr Phan Van Bau, director of the hospital, the hospital’s Neurology Department carries out around 2,400 surgeries per year. Senior experts were sent to the US for new treatment methods, particularly the robot used for brain surgeries.

Until now, the hospital has conducted 20 surgeries, including four brain drain cases.

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